Snow White and The Huntsman

Cassie and I saw a late Friday afternoon "dinner and a movie" showing of the latest "Fairy Tale gets the 'let's be an epic' treatment" movie.  Here's my short review:

It sure took a long time to get there.

Here's a little more.
  • This isn't a bad film.  It just isn't what it was trying to be.  It's not an epic.
  • It's not lacking for acting.  I thoroughly enjoyed all of the performances.  
  • My favorite character?  Charlize Theron as Ravenna, the evil queen.
  • Some will probably praise this film for being willing to let the story unfold more deliberately instead of pacing it too quickly.  I just think the whole thing was too long.  
With two Snow White movies in the same year, we're probably done for awhile. 

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