Moves like Jagger study

I had some fun writing a Bible study for Maroon 5's super religious song, "Moves Like Jagger."  The folks at Interlinc describe it as "beyond the obvious" and featured it today on their blog.

Artist: Maroon 5
Song: Moves Like Jagger
Album: Hands All Over

By: Kirk Moore

Teaching Point:
Sometimes nothing feels right

Opening Questions:

What makes you feel better?


Moves Like Jagger is about sex. And dancing. And sex. And Mick Jagger. And sex.  And kissing. And sex. Oh – and sex. The video shows scenes from a Mick Jagger impersonation event. The video and the song are catchy, sensual, and sexy. And in the middle of all the lyrics and visuals about sex, a simple question arises.

  • What makes you feel better?
  • For the song performers, it seems that the answer is in relationships and sex.
  • But what else in life makes you feel better?

Luke 14:12-24 describes a banquet where the “acceptable” invited guests didn’t show up, so the host invited the poor, the crippled, the blind, and the lame to celebrate.  When there was still more room, the host called for everyone on the roads and country lanes to come to the banquet. They arrived just as they were. The scene doesn’t describe any of them “getting better” from the banquet, only that they were invited and welcomed.

God loves people just as they are. You are acceptable to God just as you are. 
  • How does that make you feel about yourself?
  • How does that make you feel about God?
  • What does it make you want to do?

Conclusion: You may have the moves. You may not. What you have – every last thing about you is precious to God. You are loved. You are acceptable. You are God’s child.

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