If Jesus’ plan was to attract as little notice among the most powerful people in the region, he failed miserably.

He got on a donkey colt and rode into Jerusalem in front of a crowd of cheering people. They called him blessed. They called him the King of Israel. 

Jesus had a dangerous sense of humor as it related to Jerusalem. He made a mockery of the powers that be by riding a small donkey colt instead of a warhorse. He made a mockery of the powers that be by coming into town in a similar way that the military and leaders would march into town. The people cheered him – maybe because the were hoping he would set things straight, maybe because everyone else was cheering, maybe because they loved that he was brave or stupid enough to mock the powers that be.

The disciples didn’t understand any of it – yet. They’d have plenty of chances to ‘get it’ along the way, but it wouldn’t be until after everything that they would begin to have a clue about what happened.

I wonder what we don’t have a clue about this Palm Sunday? What will we begin to understand as we look back and remember?

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