What do you do?

Whenever you meet someone, you usually ask, at some point, “What do you do?” as a way to find out what their job is. It seems to be “the thing” that folks have the easiest time talking about – at least in the awkward beginnings of conversations with folks you’ve never met.

What you do? What you have always wanted to do?

If you got the opportunity to do that, how would you respond?

In this week’s Bible reading from Mark 1:14-20, Jesus came along and offered Simon, Andrew, James, and John the opportunity to do the thing that they always wished they could do – be the disciples of a rabbi. (Only the brightest and best got that honor. These four had been passed over by the other rabbis.)

They responded by going for it. They jumped at the opportunity – without a net. (Please forgive the pun – but “the left without taking their fishing nets” doesn’t have the same pun appeal)

If you discovered and knew that God was calling you in a new direction, what would you do?

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