Let the Hills Sing

How many times have you seen The Sound of Music?  For me, it has been too many to remember. And somehow I don’t remember the entire film clearly. I usually block out the danger and fear in the film in favor of the music.  And every time I think of the film I see that sweeping shot of Julie Andrews on the hill (isn’t it the one in every advertisement for the movie?) with the beautiful song ringing, “The hills are alive – with the sound of music”

This week’s Bible reading from Psalm 98 has an undercurrent of danger, fear, and enemies. This time, however, it seems overshadowed by praise to God. It seems overshadowed by celebration. It seems overshadowed by hills that seem to be alive with music. 

I so love music. It has the ability to calm, to uplift, to motivate, to jog memory, to inspire, to bring about tears, and to simply bring goodness all around.

May the hills continue to sing. May music be woven through our lives. 

Let the music play.

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