There’s a comfort in being sure. Do you remember the 80’s TV commercial? “Raise your hand – raise your hand -- if you’re sure.” 

Yes. Being sure you have worn the proper anti-perspirant – so as not to risk moisture under the arms, gives you a secure, confident feeling. A feeling of being sure.

Like the anti-perspirant commercial, I think a whole generation of people believes that being sure is best. 

I’m not so sure. I think wonder, imagination, dreaming, questioning, learning, and doubting are what this world needs.

The early Christians were sure that Jesus was returning – very soon. They didn’t know exactly when, but it was definitely before they would all die. They had to be ready because it was going to happen – surely – any day.

And it didn’t. 

Maybe “This generation will not pass until all these things have taken place” from this week’s Bible reading from Mark 13:24-37 isn’t about a 40 year generation. Maybe it is about “this generation” of humanity – meaning that all of humankind won’t pass before these things have taken place.

I don’t think so. I think that all who were sure that Jesus was coming back right away got it wrong. 

And folks have been trying to figure out a way to be sure ever since.

Oh, but there is freedom in keeping awake and alert for what may come without being sure of any of it. There is freedom in wondering, imagining, dreaming, questioning, learning, and doubting. 

I’m sure of it.  :)

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