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Well then, I wrote a Bible study for a rap song.  It's published in the latest edition of Interlinc's music magazine (YLO85)  If you'd like to use a Bible study for Fedel's "Work it Out" in your group -- have at it!

Artist: FEDEL
URL: fedelmusic.com
Album: Club David
Label: Independent
Song: Work it Out
Writer: Kirk Moore
Ministry: Union Congregational United Church of Christ
Location: Somonauk, Illinois
Email: kirk@grosstheology.com

Faith and Works

Students will address and discuss the relationship of grace, faith, and works

Warm- up
Work it Out: You have two options for this opening activity. 
1.     Physical Work Out Contest. Organize into teams and see which team can combine to do the most sit-ups and push-ups in 30 seconds. Each member of the team does sit ups for 30 seconds and each member also does push-ups for 30 seconds. After everyone has completed their two 30-second work outs, add the total number together for the team score. The team with the highest score wins the satisfaction of knowing they did the most sit-ups and push-ups
2.    Mental Work Out Contest. Organize into teams and see which teams can solve a series of complex story problems most quickly. There are several books and websites that offer story problems and brain puzzles. Find your own or visit rinkworks.com/brainfood for some interesting ones. 


Say:  Exercising your body and exercising your mind are good for you.  What do you think it means to exercise your faith? Let students think for a moment and if any offer thoughts, lead a short discussion on the responses.  After a short while, play the song “Work it Out” by FEDEL.

During the song, have students fill in the lyric blanks on their student worksheets.

Faith ________ works be _______
So I’m on ___ ________ but ya boy be _____
The just ______ by _______
So ______ live by ________

Say: Faith without works is dead. It seems that is the message that the song is trying to get across. What does that really mean?    

Bible Study:
Read together the following Bible passages:

Romans 3:20-28
Ephesians 2:8-9
James 2:20-26

There are some big words in those verses. Justified, righteousness, salvation, redemption. Bible scholars love to discuss what all the words mean and what they don’t mean. Sometimes the conversations get so wrapped up in details that they miss the point.

God saves.
We respond to what God has done.

What do you think of those two statements? What does it mean that God saves? How are we supposed to respond to what God has done? What if we don’t respond? Does that mean that God hasn’t done what God did?

Let those questions sit for a bit. Let students discuss those and others that come up.

All of us make mistakes. We all fail when it comes to doing the things God wants us to do.  The beauty of God’s grace and forgiveness is that we get another chance to respond to what God has done. Sometimes it’s helpful to make a list of things you want to do. What would you like to put on the “Here’s what I think God wants me to do” list?

Let students suggest items for the list. Write them in a place where everyone can see. Then suggest that each person pick one or two of the things and try to do them this week. Remind them that doing things on the list doesn’t give them a “leg up” in the God club. But it is responding to what God wants them to do.

Wrap-up: God saves. We respond to what God has done. Sometimes we mess up. But God doesn’t stop saving. God offers us another chance to do the things He wants us to do. Let’s do those things.

Closing prayer: Thank you, God, for saving us. Thank you for being so patient with us when we mess up. Help us to do the things you want us to do. Help us to show love for you and for everyone. Amen.

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