How long?

Patience. Perseverance. Waiting. Hope.

The Bible reading from Romans 8:18-27 encourages all of those.  It speaks to all who suffer.  It speaks to all who lack. It speaks to all who are outcast.

Blah blah blah. It also sounds like what folks who have enough say to those who don’t.  “Just wait a little while longer – things will get better.”

How long before things get better?  I trust that God does and will continue to offer care, compassion, love, and endurance to all of God’s children.  But wait in hope while others, under the pretense of doing God’s work, seek to further marginalize, ostracize, and even demonize the ones they don’t like or who aren’t like them?

No more patience.  No more waiting. 

Still persevering in hope.  And giving that hope legs, too.

For what have you stopped waiting and started working?

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