Party Rock Anthem study

Often when the definitely leans conservative music magazine I write for, Interlinc's Youth Leaders Only, publishes an article ripping on a particular pop song, I've either written a study for it, or will soon do so.

I wrote this one recently.  I think it's due to appear in the reTuned section of their newly-released edition (YLO 85) and today they released it as one of their online freebies.

Artist: LMFAO
Song: Party Rock Anthem
Album: Sorry for Party Rocking

By: Kirk Moore

Teaching Point:

Opening Questions:
Are you sure you want to lose your mind?

Are you familiar with the internet acronym LMFAO? Look it up, and then, as you blush, try to think of other possible meanings for the abbreviation. Ask your students if they can come up with some clean, intelligent alternatives. Here are some to get you started:
  • Learning much from alternate opinions.
  • Lighting markers for alien onset.
  • Linking my fortune around opulence.
  • Locating microscopic fossils and organisms.
LMFAO’s party-encouraging #1 Billboard hit encourages the listeners to lose their minds in the music and in the party lifestyle. (“Party Rock” is also a slang term for cocaine, though the song doesn’t likely encourage cocaine use) The video for the song, however, pokes fun at those who lose their mind in the party lifestyle. Instead of encouraging the lifestyle, the video shows folk who have become zombie-like from listening to and following the song’s directions.
  • What things are you so sure about that you don’t ever ask questions?
  • What would you be willing to completely lose your mind over?
Romans 12:2 encourages readers to be transformed by the renewing of their minds so that they can discern God’s will

Colossians 2:8 Calls readers to be wary of being led astray with high-sounding nonsense.

Isaiah 1:14-18 recalls God’s invitation to turn from hypocritical religious actions and instead “argue it out” with God.
  • What questions would you ask God if you were sitting down for a chat right now?
  • What questions do you think would be off-limits?
  • What do you really wonder about?
Conclusion: Out in the world or even in church, thinking and asking questions is a good thing. No one has to check their brains at the door. God loves your questions. Think. Ask. Listen.

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