Serves you right

Here's this week's Bible reflection.

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of the young, scheming, dishonest Jacob. In this week’s reading from Genesis 29:15-28, where the schemer is outschemed by the one who would become his father-in-law, I start to get a little bit of satisfaction.

He had it coming to him. He deserved to be tricked.  If I were there, I could have said, “I told you so!”

I’m so glad that that’s not the way God works. 

There’s a whole lot in this week’s reading that bothers me.
  • Women treated like property
  • “The ugly one” and “the pretty one”
  • “Oops – I didn’t realize I was sleeping with your sister.”
  • “Can I have another wife, too?”
  • “He he he – I know you’ll do anything for her – so I’ll get what I can from you by whatever means necessary!”
And ultimately, I’m just continually thankful that none of that is at all the way God works.

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