Volunteer Work Camp 2011 - 5

We will never walk alone again.

I've been part of many work groups, camp experiences, and other extended youth events in the past 22 years.  This year's Volunteer Work Camp has been one of, if not the best one I've ever been a part of.

Our last work day split the group into a few different projects.  One group headed to Benton Harbor to work with a local Hospice agency in putting together an estate sale.  One of the people in hospice care had recently died and without any family, the agency worked to help get her estate settled.  There was sorting, cleaning, and helping ease the stress of folks who had just a few days to get things settled.

The other group stayed at Tower Hill to work on continuing projects.  We demolished and removed a rotting wood flower bed from the front of the dining hall and also moved several (10?) yards of dirt from the tennis court drainage project.  The work was grueling - and every person worked hard all day, as we have all week.

The evening wrapped things up for our camp experience.  We had chances to give encouragement and appreciation to each of the campers (something that began the night before with a candle-lighting experience) and also shared communion together.  We invited people to come for seconds if they wanted.  It was the first time I've ever served the whole loaf of bread at communion. -- Go spread the feast!

One more evening at the beach.  One more bonfire.  One more walk home in the dark.

But we will never walk alone again.   

* more pictures from the week are here

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