Super 8

I caught an opening day showing of the new J.J. Abrams/Steven Spielberg Film.  Here's my short review:

A brilliant, totally scary boy's life.

Here's a little more.

I loved every bit of this film.  Storytelling, characters, effects. . . everything!
Abrams does great scary.  Spielberg is a master with storytelling.  These two together made something remarkable.
What's great?  It has things I loved about ET, Lost, The Goonies, Stand By Me, and King Kong (The last two have no connection to Abrams or Spielberg, but I still thought of them during the film)
I originally wanted to see this film because I love Kyle Chandler.  I found many more actors who were great: Joel Courtney  and Elle Fanning were two of my favorites.
The story within a story bit, as well as the directorial advice for young filmmakers, is great.  Stick around during the credits for some fun.
Great music!  Anyone who was listening to rock and roll radio around 1979 will probably agree.

This is definitely my favorite movie of the year -- at least so far.

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