Handed on

How do you learn something?

I’ve learned in several ways
  • Making mistakes enough times and then figuring out how to avoid the mistakes
  • Watching someone else do something and then copying what they did
  • Reading the instruction book and then following directions
  • Paying attention to a teacher as they teach
  • Hearing, seeing, and remembering the lessons my parents and others have taught me.
  • Hearing and remembering the story.
In one of the Maundy Thursday Bible readings, from 1 Corinthians 11:23-26, Paul teaches.  He tells the story of Jesus at the last supper.  He tells the story simply and concisely.  He encourages the readers to do the same.

If only everything we learned worked out that way.  It sure is nice to have wisdom handed on.

Then again, making mistakes, watching others, reading instructions, paying attention, hearing, seeing, and remembering are great ways to learn, too.

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