Finding a job for Lent

I serve a wonderful congregation.  Union Congregational UCC in Somonauk, IL is vibrant, growing, friendly, caring, nurturing, invitational, and missional.  And we're also in a difficult financial position. Effective May 1, we're transitioning from having a full-time pastor to having a part-time pastor.  And I'm the full-time pastor at present.

So I'm seeking opportunities. I'm looking for a job this Lent.  I have experience or skills in, and would love to work in, any of the ministry areas I'm listing below:
  • Interim Ministry
  • Settled Ministry
  • Senior Pastor
  • Solo Pastor
  • Associate Pastor
  • Youth Ministry
  • Spiritual Formation-Christian Education
  • Digital Media ministry opportunities
  • Consultant ministry
  • Writing 
  • Retreat leading
  • Beginning guitar lessons (Kirk Moore will teach you guitar)
  • Songleading
  • Association ministry
  • Conference ministry
  • National Ministry

The Moore family lives in Warrenville, Illinois.  I'm seeking opportunities I can commute to while keeping a home base here.  I'm open to travel for consulting, and I'm also open to shorter term opportunities where my commute is more lengthy.

This "Kirk's Resume Stuff" page has links to my resume and other background items that are helpful in finding out more and getting in contact with me.  And to keep things fresh in your mind, visit findingajobforlent.com anytime to come right here.

What are you planning for Lent?

Update:  6/11/12
I've been happily serving as the pastor of St. Paul's United Church of Christ in Downers Grove, IL since April 15, 2012.

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