Run away! run away!

Here's this week's Bible reflection:

Jesus was gearing up to start. He was going to call disciples. He was going to preach and teach and heal. 

And then his cousin got arrested.

Jesus ran away. He got out of Dodge. He left his hometown, which was near the government enforcers, and went to Capernaum, a more remote sea village that had easier escape routes from the authorities.

Of course we can look now and say that it was wise for Jesus to start in the rural areas. It was wise for him to preach and teach and heal in the country so that he could build a following that would last after Jesus finally went to the city where he was crucified. 

But I wonder if when John got arrested, Jesus thought, “Great. That’s going to really put a damper on my plans. I’m going to have to rearrange things and figure out a new way to do what I’m here to do.”

Of course, God is able to get things done – no matter what. God can get things done no matter how good or how bad, how likely or unlikely, how hopeful or impossible things may be. 

It seems we are always either running away from something or running towards something. Sometimes we’re just standing there, wondering what to do next. I believe that whatever the situation. God can get things done.

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