Not killing

Here's this week's Bible study post -

"Peaceable Kingdom" by John August Swanson
In the peaceable kingdom described in Isaiah 11:1-10, it isn’t the elimination of the dangerous creatures that brings about peace, it is in the cooperation of all of God’s creatures that all thrive.

Sure, there’s the “rod of his mouth” and the “breath of his lips” striking and killing, but it is words of judgment and justice that wickedness and injustice ends, not with weapons and violence. 

The vision of the root of Jesse setting things in order shows wolves, lambs, cows, bears, lions, oxen, children, and snakes all getting along together – with a little child leading it all.

War and violence only bring about more war and violence. Hate breeds hate. Destruction brings more destruction. 

The life God calls us to involves wisdom, understanding, righteousness, faithfulness, and cooperation among all of God’s precious creation.

Not killing.

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