Here's this week's Bible study post:
I used to love to build things with Legos.  Buildings, cars, boats, planes, rockets, campsites, action figures, trees, even swimming pools.

OK – not all of that is true.  I did build all those things and many more creations with Legos.  But to say I used to love them isn’t completely accurate.  I still love them.

I’m making a Lego truck as I write this.  Really.

Creating is refreshing.  It’s energizing.  It’s wonderful.

Seeing something you create destroyed and devastated is awful.  It is painful and frustrating. 

And, remembering the painful destruction, a re-creative hope is again wonderful.

Isaiah 65:17-25 expresses a re-creative hope in the midst of pain and anguish over destruction.  It spoke of hope for the people who had lost so much in the time it was written.  It inspires a re-creative hope in readers still today.

It calls us to see what possibilities God has in store.  They are endless and they are delightful.

And I think this truck is delightful, too.

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