Taking sides

Here's this week's Bible study post:

Have you decided whose side you’re on in the upcoming elections? 

I’m not talking about whom you’re going to vote for, or where you stand on any of the issues that so many are discussing with each other and arguing about all over the place. I’m not even talking about being fed up with the electoral process and deciding not to vote or being appalled that anyone could even think about not voting in an election. 

I’m wondering if you’ve decided whether you’re on the side of the ones who need justice or the ones who do not. 

Before that turns into a debate about the word justice and then gets mixed in with ideas that include fairness, revenge, socialism, or even evil, let me pose the question this way.

Have you decided if you’re one who is in need of justice because you’ve been oppressed or because you’re one who oppresses?

I think just about everyone needs to understand that they are on both sides.

This week I’m reading Luke 18:1-8 and seeking better understanding how I’m on both sides.  I'm trying to understand the viewpoint of all sides.

And I’m praying always.

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