Quiet and peaceable

When someone says, “First of all” it is safe to think that what they say after that part is probably something important:
  • First of all, eat a good breakfast.  or
  • First of all, do you homework before you play. Or 
  • First of all, pay attention to what someone says after they say ‘first of all!”
In this week’s Bible reading from 1 Timothy 2:1-7, there’s a “first of all” instruction.

First of all . . . Pray for everyone.  Pray for leaders.  Pray hard so that you can live quietly, peaceably, and respectfully as you focus on listening for God.

Can I add something?

When you pray for everyone, pray that they are blessed.  Pray that they feel love.  Pray that their dreams will come true.

Don’t pray that they start thinking like you do.

Pray for everyone.  Be quiet and peaceable.   Seek God.

I have a hard time doing that.  I don’t want my adversaries to have their dreams come true.  I want my adversaries to have dreams that include love for everyone.  I want my adversaries to stop looking for more power and wealth and to start seeking systems where everyone is treated fairly.

So I am praying for everyone.  I am seeking God.  I don’t think I’m being quiet and peaceable, though. 

I don’t think the context of this week’s reading demands that I don’t show up, stand up, and speak up.

And I’m still going to pray for God’s blessings and love will be poured out over everyone.

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