The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

I willingly saw the latest vampire/wolf/teenager screamfest with Cassie last evening. Here's my short review:

I don't think I can review this film fairly. Don't listen to me.

Here's a little more:

The special effects in this film were not good enough. They detracted from the story.
The acting wasn't too bad at all. I think it missed out on much of the emotional impact from the book, but it wasn't bad.
That said, I sure experienced more "Oh please" moments in the movie than I did in the book.
The screaming teenagers in the audience were entertaining.
Two significantly great parts of this film: The tent scene and Charlie's quote: "I'm liking Edward a whole lot more now."

There's nothing in this film to detract the target audience from loving it. I just thought it was OK.

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