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I like that word, zeal. It sounds like a brand of shoes that help a person run faster. It sounds like a breakfast bar that gives someone energy for the day. It sounds like a car that has incredible new technology to help some one be safer and get better fuel economy. It sounds like a blog entry talking about a young attendant who was about to succeed the prophet he served.

In this week's Bible reading from 2 Kings 2:1-2, 6-14, Elijah and Elisha were traveling together and Elijah wanted some time to prepare for his whirlwind retirement adventure. Elisha wouldn’t let him out of his sight. He did not want to miss the opportunity to be the next prophet. He asked Elijah for a double portion of whatever he had going for him. Elisha had zeal.

Of course, another way to look at this Bible passage is that Elisha was afraid he’d get left out in the cold if he missed the opportunity to be the next prophet. He didn’t think he would succeed if he didn’t have at least double what Elijah had. Elisha was afraid and self conscious.

Was Elisha a young, zealous prophet in waiting?
Or was he a self conscious, fearful, prophet wannabe?

Does it matter?

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