Shrek Forever After (AKA Shrek: The Final Chapter)

It was on my list of films to see this summer- and I hadn't gotten to it yet-so yesterday morning I went to a private showing (I was the only one in the theater) of what promises to be the last Shrek movie. Here's my short review:

A fitting end to the story. Good, but not Shrektacular. (I feel so 'headline-ey')

Here's a little more:

These film characters have become more real through the 4+ Shrek films. Eddie Murphy's Donkey brings a laugh to any scene he's in and Mike Myers' and Cameron Diaz's Shrek and Fiona have a deep onscreen chemistry.
I wonder if the younger ones will be a little bored with this one. There's more drama and emotion than any since the first Shrek, but not as much to laugh at (though fart jokes are always funny.)
Walt Dohrn's Rumpelstiltskin seems to have borrowed from Jason Lee's Syndrome from The Incredibles.
Listen for a whole bunch of cameo roles from Lake Bell, Kathy Griffin, Jane Lynch, Mary Kay Place, Meredith Viera, Kristen Schaal, and Ryan Seacrest, and repeating cameos from Regis Philbin and Larry King.

It's sad to say good-bye to these characters, but I know we'll be watching these films for many years to come.

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