Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Memorial Day afternoon I went with the family to the new "I'm a total action hero" Jake Gyllenhaal movie. Here's my short review:

It is just like watching a really good video game.

Here's a little more:
  • This is a movie that desperately wants to be big -- but it still comes off mostly as a B.
  • The action scenes are very well done. The are intense, physical, and emotional.
  • The characters, however, seem to have one purpose: To get the movie as quickly as possible to the next action scene.
  • The actors didn't have much room to act. It seems as though their performances, while not bad, were confined.
  • One large exception to the confinement was Alfred Molina's portrayal of Sheik Amar. He was completely unfettered.
  • One small exception to the confinement was Ben Kingsley as Nizam. He stretched his acting muscle at least to the corners.
The video game has many different stories, so I think there will be a movie sequel. I'll probably catch it on video.

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