Robin Hood

I caught a first-day matinee of Ridley Scott's directorial interpretation of the legend of Robin Hood. I think this is about the 80th time Robin has appeared in a motion picture storyline. Here's my short review:

Stunning, stirring, loving, and just a little bit boring.

Here's a little more
  • I think this was an attempt to give the Robin Hood legend the Lord of the Rings films treatment. While this is a good film, it does not rise to LOTR levels.
  • Is there a social message? Of course there is! But I don't think there's a political agenda that is targeted to 2010. Those who seek justice in the world have been around since. . . forever.
  • Favorite character, without a doubt, is Kevin Durand's Little John. It's worth the price of admission to see him.
  • It was also fun to see ER's Scott Grimes as Will Scarlet, though I think it was a little like seeing Archie Morris play Will Scarlet.
  • Mark Strong seems to be everywhere these days. His villainous Godfrey is pretty mean, too.
The film ends with a setup for a sequel. It probably won't happen, though.

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