Lost - October 2006 thoughts

I remembered preaching a sermon relating to the TV show Lost a few years back. Today I looked back at what I wrote then. The opening part is all about the now-ended TV show.


I have a confession to make: I watch that television show: Lost. Anyone else watch it? I've seen every episode over the last two and now third seasons. I've seen the preview episodes and the compilation episodes. I've been to many of the websites where people discuss theories about the show. I have not traveled to any "Lost" conventions, however. After all, I'm not really into it. (smirk face)

I am intrigued by the characters:

  • Jack-- the doctor who wrestles with his temper, his fear of isolation and his guilt over the failures in his life
  • Locke -- the survivalist -- and man with the most hope -- who wrestles with a past filled with failure and being "used"
  • Kate -- The "girl next door" who wrestles with a past filled with criminal activity and some kind of vigilante behavior.
  • Sawyer -- the con-man who struggles with his dishonest past and who is somehow finding a hero buried deep within
  • Charlie -- the rock star and drug addict who has never been dependable -- and who has made good and bad decisions on the island
  • Mr. Eko -- the warlord who came on board pretending to be a priest and who thought he found redemption but just as soon lost his direction.
There are many more characters on the show -- with more being introduced this week. They don't share everything in common, but each of them has something in their past that holds them back from living their lives fully. Each of them seems to be wrestling with their past -- and maybe they'll confront it and be at peace with before the show finishes.

I'm also intrigued by the title of the program and its multiple meanings

  • Lost - As in being abandoned. Nobody knows they're alive and nobody is looking for them (or so they think)
  • Lost - as in "lost their way." They all have that thing in their past that has damaged or destroyed them. They haven't confronted their past and made peace with it
  • Lost - as in "before being found." They are in the process of finding their way back to wholeness even as they are being sought by people "back home."
Each of the characters is dealing with despair
Each of the characters is dealing with their own struggles and addictions.
Each of the characters is finding their way back

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