Stillspeaking Magazine

I've watched the new UCC web ad, The Language of God, enough times that I've paused it and looked closer at each image in the ad. I've recognized a few people, but have really wondered about the story behind the pictures

Yesterday the debut edition of the UCC's new Stillspeaking Magazine arrived at my house.

This is the kind of magazine that makes you notice it. It is beautiful. It would be the most picked-up any doctor or dentist office because it is simply so appealing. It invites you, right away, to have a look.

And inside it is just as visually beautiful. But there's more. The stories are compelling, inviting, throat-tugging, and challenging.

And they tell the story behind many of the pictures in the new UCC web ad, The Language of God.

Please get, read and share this great new magazine.

* I'd love to see a digital version of this magazine. I'd hope that it would be included in my current subscription, but as a new subscriber I'd think that 1/2 - 2/3 of the regular subscription price would be fair for a digital-only version.

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