Here's this week's Bible study blog entry for i.ucc:

There are many tests we can prepare for
Tests for school
Tests for driving
Tests for professional licenses
Tests of skill

And there are many tests that are more difficult to prepare for:
Tests of patience
Tests of endurance
Tests of character
Tests of will power

This week’s Bible reading from Luke 4: 1-13 describes Jesus experience in the wilderness, After he was baptized, and before he began his public ministry, Jesus was tested. He wasn’t earning a degree or a license or competing for a prize. Jesus patience, endurance, will power, and character were tested in the wilderness.

He faced opportunities and decisions that are similar to ones we face.

No – we aren’t faced with opportunities to turn stones to bread, to become powerful world dominators, and to dare God to catch us when we jump from a high building. But we do face decisions about hunger, power and trusting God.

Hunger: Too many are overstuffed and far too many don’t have enough.
Power: Too many have a voice to speak to oppression and are silent
Trusting God: Too often we confuse trust in science with a lack of trust in God.

Perhaps we are being tested as well.

I think we’re failing.

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