Up in the Air

Last weekend Cassie and I got together with a couple of friends, went to a movie and had dinner. We'd heard good things about George Clooney's latest "I am a real actor" movies, so we went to see "Up in the Air." Here's my short review:

An Oscar-worthy Clooney performance in a movie that is not at all uplifting.

Here's a little more:
  • Pre-movie conversation with George Clooney and his agent: GC: "I want to make one of those really good, kind of depressing movies where I get to play a character that will be natural for me, but still a little bit of a stretch. That way I can win some awards." A: "Up in the Air will be perfect."
  • (Mild spoiler?) There are a few moments in this film that give you hope for the central characters. You tend to forget them, tho.
  • I love the entire supporting cast.
  • There is so much hurt and defeat and sadness in this film I feel bad for thinking that it's a good movie.
  • The movie ends by remaining true to the title.

Great film. I'm not so sure you should go see it, however.


Kalle Lilla said...

Who's the "you" that you're not sure should go see a "good movie?" Really. That's kind of patronizing of you. Enjoy the blog, but I've never commented. That one just got to me.

Saw same movie. Never lost sight of the characters of the character. Was profoundly glad that the Clooney character didn't get a standard happy ending. My gut wanted it, and the good part of the movie was that the director wouldn't take the easy way and give me what I wanted.

Hey, it's a movie. It's not life advice or a sermon.

Kirk said...

I'd say it was a generic "you" as in -- it isn't a movie that leaves you feeling up. Movie reviews aren't anything profound -- just thoughts I had while watching and then thinking about the movies later.
Glad you like the blog :)