Here's this week's Bible study blog post for i.ucc:

I wonder what it would look like if I played the cantankerous card this week?

The people came to John not to experience God’s life-changing good news, but because they thought they’d rather be safe than sorry from the doom that was coming.


The people thought that they had a Godly heritage that would protect them from any problems down the road. Certainly they wouldn’t be among those who were “axed” because they bore no fruit.


The people asked John what to do.

Wait a minute – Vipers?

John told them to share, to be fair, to be just, to be truthful, and to not be greedy.

And the people heard john and listened! They were filled with expectation and hope!

And John told them that one much more powerful than he was coming. And that that ‘viper’ stuff would get them in severe trouble.

Time to change. That’s good news.

God changes vipers with good news. Film at 11.

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