Florida! 2009 - 2

From what I hear, northern Illinois has been getting dumped with snow and cold weather since we left. Down here in Florida, it's not completely "Florida-like" weather -- but I'll take 60 degrees and a little moist over 24 and snowy!

We arrived safely in Avon Park yesterday early afternoon. At night we went to see some movies at one of the local cineplexes. The kids and I went to see Sherlock Holmes (loved it) and the rest of the grown-ups saw It's Complicated. (liked the movie -- were entertained by the old couple behind them's running commentary, too! "Oh no. I don't like him. He's a jerk" "We should have seen Sherlock Holmes" and "I don't think she is ...realistic at all. It's like its make-believe")

Today was church -- I got to sit in the pews for almost all of it, too! My Dad and I put on a puppet skit for the "Caleb and Friends" portion of the service. I have video -- it'll be up after vacation.

In the afternoon we hit the Auburndale Flea Market (always good for fun) and then had some teeny tiny strawberry shortcake desserts (right!) at Parksdale Farms. It's one of the places candidates McCain and Obama visited during the 2008 presidential campaign. We tend to visit there more often.

Tomorrow -- Universal Studios for the boys and the grandparents, Magic Kingdom for the girls.

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