VeggieTales - Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving

I've now watched the newest Bob and Larry Christmas story a couple of times. Here's my short review:

A gentle and entertaining explanation of the beginning of Santa filled with a message of giving and several laugh out loud moments.

Here's a little more

  • The VeggieFolk don't reveal anything that will makes kids cry -- but some older children will probably ask their parents a few questions after watching this video.
  • Octavius' (Mr Lunt) costumes are hilarious! Robin? Wonder Woman? Robin Hood! Genius!
  • Larry's attempts to make things more "Christmas-ey" in the story made me think of folks who want to boycott stores who don't use 'Christmas' in their advertising. Note to those folks: You've lost your compass.
  • The dog and donut song? Silly and fun, but . . . meh
  • This is a great video for teaching and showing the two rules: Love God -- Love everyone.
I'm looking forward to next year's "Pistachio" A veggie twist on the original 1883 Pinocchio story by Carlo Collodi.

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