Superchick - Cross the Line Bible Study

Interlinc's most recent Music Video Loop Magazine (MVL67) features a Bible study I wrote for Superchick's "Cross the Line" video.

The Superchick people liked it. I hope you do, too.

Leader Guide

Artist: Superchick
URL: superchickonline.com
Album: Rock What You Got
Label: Inpop
Video: Cross the Line
Writer: Kirk Moore
Ministry: Union Congregational United Church of Christ
Location: Somonauk, Illinois
Email: kirk@revkirk.com


Students will discuss what holds them back from living their lives fully and completely for Jesus. They’ll be encouraged to cross the line out of their comfort zones to live fully in Jesus’ love.

Warm- up:
The Distance: Draw or mark a line on the ground. Have students stand on the line and jump forward as far as they can. (Do you remember the standing broad jump?) When they have jumped as far as they can, draw or mark a line where they just jumped to. Then invite them to try again – attempting to cross the line and jump past where they jumped before. Remind the students that this is a challenge for each of them to jump farther than they did on the try before – it is not a competition to see who can jump the farthest. Encourage them to try their hardest to cross the line they reached before.
{Alternate activity for folks who aren’t jumpers: Make some paper ‘footballs’ (triangle-shaped folded paper) and invite students to send them (with a flick of the finger) as far as they can. Then invite them to try again – challenging them to cross the line they’ve just reached . . .}
When all have had several chances to jump and jump again, congratulate them for their efforts and invite students back into the group area.


Say: The first time you jumped, you may have gone as far as you thought was possible – or maybe you just went as far as you were comfortable trying. What was it like to attempt to go beyond where you were comfortable or where you thought possible? (Allow for some short discussion here if students seem eager.) After a short discussion time, introduce the video.
Superchick’s song, “Cross the Line” is a challenge to look beyond what we are comfortable with or what we think is impossible. It’s got some really cool jumps in it, too! (Leaders: This video is fun and exciting – a blend of a rocking Joan Jett song and a Matrix movie video.)

Play Cross the Line from Superchick

During the video, have students write down phrases that describe what stands out from scenes in the video that they’d really like to see again.


Say: “Everybody dies – but not everyone lives.” Is the band’s favorite phrase in the song. Think about your reaction when you hear that. (Allow for a discussion if students are eager.)
Another part of the chorus has the singers talking about riding as if the police were chasing you and living as if you’d just gotten out of jail. What do you think of when you hear those words? (Allow for continued discussion.)

After a short time of discussion, introduce the Bible study.
Jesus lived a life of courage in the face of danger. He gave his life and offers us eternal life. God is the author of our salvation. There’s nothing we can do to earn it. And as sinners saved by God’s grace, we have a natural response. We courageously live God’s love through Jesus! Sometimes doing that isn’t easy and it is even sometimes scary. But it is what God calls us to do as Christians.

Bible Study:

Invite students to look up and read
  • 2 Timothy 1:7-9
  • Philippians 4:13
  • Psalm 56:11
  • John 10:10

Discussion questions:
  • God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear, yet we’re so often afraid to live out our faith. What are some ways to encourage one another to courageously live with a spirit of power, love and self-discipline?
  • God promises that we can do everything with the help of Christ who gives us strength. What strength do you need to love God’s love through Jesus?
  • The writer of the Psalm offers words of encouragement to all to trust in God and to be courageous. How does Psalm 56:11 encourage you?
  • What do you think it means to have life “to the full” or abundantly?
Wrap-up: Jesus came to give us life – not fear. And through God’s word we’ve found encouragement to live our lives sharing God’s love through Jesus. Let’s leave this place ready to cross that line of timidity and fear to be courageous witnesses of Jesus’ love.

(If students ask, play the video for them once again.)

Closing prayer: God who gives us a spirit of power, love and self-discipline, thank you for always hearing our prayers. Please help us to live courageously as we share God’s love with all we meet. Help us to live lives that you desire for us. We pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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