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Here's this week's Bible study blog entry for i.ucc:

I’m simply not sure what to think this week. Esther, Mordecai, Haman, Ahasuerus, conspiracy, plot twist and a day to give presents to the poor. Can we discover the good mixed in with evil? Can we discover kindness and love mixed together with anger and wrath? Shall I write something that attempts to present a "Mordecai in first person" monologue?


I am Mordecai, the Jew. Some people say that I am a great leader. I don’t know. I am not a leader – I only know who I am. God gives me the strength to be who I am – even when things are difficult. I know who I am. And my God takes care of me.

I want to tell you about someone that makes me so proud. Her name is Esther. Many years ago, when my Uncle Abihail died, I looked on the baby Esther and knew there were great things in store for her. I adopted her. Now she is a queen! Esther knows who she is, but she must keep it a secret. If the secret of who she is came out, she would be in danger! A queen in danger . . . serving a king who is often in danger.

You see – a few years ago I discovered that there was a plot to assassinate the king. I told Esther and she told the king. The plot was foiled and the king was so happy with Esther. He did not, however, know it was I who uncovered the truth.

Well – there’s more. Several years later, a man found favor with the king. He was proclaimed to be the ‘noble’ Haman. Haman hated me. He told me I must bow to him. I would not. I bow to no man. Haman . . . was angry. He sought to have me killed. He tricked the king into thinking I and any who agreed with me were dangerous. He said we should all be killed. And the ‘noble’ Haman was persuasive.

The king agreed.

Things did not look good. But my Esther – she is a genius! She had us all hide and then she arranged to have the ‘noble’ Haman to the palace for a meal with the king and queen. And at dinner, Esther reminded the king of the time he was saved from assassination. She told him that someone had warned her of the plot. Then the king asked the ‘noble’ Haman what should be done for one who saves the life of the king.

“Put him in a Purple cloak and let him be honored by all in the streets!” said Haman.
The king agreed.

Then Esther told them that it was I – Mordecai -- who saved the king’s life.Haman’s jaw dropped all the way to the floor. He wanted to kill me and any who agreed with me!

But that was not to be. The king learned of Haman’s plot and . . . well . . . took care of things.

I was appointed trustee over Haman’s estate. Esther, me – all of our people were safe. We now celebrate a feast – called Purim. It is a time to remember when we gained relief from their enemies. We went from sorrow into gladness and from mourning into a holiday. During this time of feasting we celebrate and send gifts of food to one another and give presents to the poor.


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