The Public Option

I support healthcare reform that includes a public option. Here's former US Secretary of Labor, author, political commentator and professor Robert Reich with an excellent explanation about what the public option in healthcare reform is . . . and isn't.

I'd also like to invite you to become one of 100,000 voices for healthcare reform. The UCC hopes, before Sept. 18, to send 100,000 messages to Congress and deliver a huge book of 100,000 names to the Democratic and Republican leadership in Congress. We've had a great start, but there's a long way to go!

Our faith teaches us that health care is a both a human need and a human right. Offering comfort to the broken, sick and injured was foundational to Jesus’ ministry and is central to our serving the least among us. Our nation deserves a health care system that is inclusive, accessible, affordable and accountable.

I've signed. Will you?

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