Road Trip Vacation 2009 - 9 - (Peaceful Valley 5)

In the last few days we've wrapped up our stay at Peaceful Valley and started the 2nd part of our road trip -- this time headed home. Here's a bit of what's been going on:

The rodeo -- We got to participate in a few events that would take place in a rodeo for professional riders. Lots of folks ran pole bending and barrel races. In the adult division I got a second and a first place finish. (There is some controversy over the 2nd place finish, as my sister's scores were inadvertently omitted for that event -- and she beat me, so I guess I really got third in that one. :)

Road trippin': Our travels took us to Rapid city, where yesterday we experienced the Crazy Horse Memorial as well as Needles Highway and Mount Rushmore.

Following the carved mountains portion of the day, we arrived in Wall, South Dakota and visited Wall Drug -- complete with the weary traveler chapel.

And we spent a little bit of time in the Badlands as well. Cassie was very nervous while taking this picture -- she was sure we were going to fall.

More Badlands today -- followed by a trek to the Corn Palace!

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