Road Trip Vacation 2009 - 8 - Peaceful Valley 4

The last few days at Peaceful Valley have been filled with horseback riding -- running, camping and more running!

We took a run-filled ride towards our overnight campout site -- where we stayed out in tents. This campout has become one of my favorite events of my stays at Peaceful Valley.
The following day we undertook and "all day" horseback ride (it was 7 hours long!) I took some
jumpy, but still cool video footage of a run through a meadow. At the end of the day I was in pain and completely exhausted from the past two days of riding and camping. It was totally worth it. (I went to sleep about 8:30 PM -- but woke refreshed in the morning)

Today we took a very quick (read: fast) ride over to the Jamestown settlement for a group picnic, river tubing and lots of picture taking. And then on the way home several riders took to a soft road for a long stretch of running before heading back to the ranch. I learned the basics of fly fishing and then we had a chili cookoff for dinner (Didn't win this week, but our chili was excellent!)

Rodeo tomorrow morning!

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