Road Trip Vacation 2009 - 6 - Peaceful Valley 2

The Moore Family Reunion - 2009 has begun! We spent much of the day yesterday helping folks check in, moving cars, carrying luggage and getting re-acquainted (and in many cases just acquainted) with Moores from all over!

Some highlights over the past day and a half

Breakfast on the Mountain -- and a Moore, Marrs and Caruso family picture-

The 20-minute period in the late afternoon when the trout in the pond started really biting -- we caught more than a dozen fish in less than a half an hour.

Dinner on the mountain -- complete with family song time! (My dad Fred, son Matthew and I all too turns leading songs)

The Moore Family Reunion 2009 group photo session. We'll get the official picture soon -- but here's one of the setup!
This morning's short horseback ride -- Andrew, Uncle Carl and I were on the same ride.

And there's more to come! Lots more tonight and worship in the mountaintop chapel tomorrow!

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