Road Trip Vacation 2009 - 10

Well then -- after 3000 miles and 16 days, we're home! Here's just a bit from the last couple of days of our 2009 Road Trip Vacation.

We spent the morning driving through (and stopping often) the Badlands. What a beautiful place to visit -- I can't imagine trying to cross it before there were roads.

After the Badlands - we really got into gear to travel some longer hours to get home. We made a stop at The Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD. While we were there, Matthew, who had been napping, said "Where are we? You said we were going to a corn palace and now we're in an auditorium with a basketball floor with a store on it! I'm so confused!" Lots of people who have played the Corn Palace have been confused, as well.

Final stop? Ehlenbach's Cheese Chalet in DeForest, WI. I got some 12-year-old sharp cheddar -- definitely the "bite you back" type. Highly recommended - (The Cheese Chalet as well as the 12-year-old cheddar!)

And then we were home. Today's unpacking and clean up day!

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