Road trip vacation 2009 - 1

Tomorrow morning the Moore family begin a 16-day road trip vacation to Colorado and back. We’ll be spending most of our time at Peaceful Valley Ranch in Lyons Colorado – participating in the annual Moore Family Reunion (with about 70 family members from all over the US descending on the dude ranch for the weekend of July 10-12) and also spending a week riding horses, hiking, and experiencing the beauty all around. Though we’re not traveling with my oldest (she’s 19) we will spend at least half of our vacation with her, as she’s spending the summer as a counselor at the dude ranch.

There and back we also have plans to experience many ‘vacation musts’ – based on a myriad of recommendations from friends. Here’s some of what we plan to experience:

I’ll post some while we’re on the road and at the ranch – and you can keep up with our adventure on my twitterfeed as well!

Road-trip vacation, here we come!

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