Experiencing what you preach

Yesterday was a great worship day -- a community sunrise service with great energy, music and preaching and then a lively, spirit-filled, musically uplifting service with, I gotta say, a great sermon from that there preacher (OK -- that there preacher was me) One of the statements that occurred several times during the sermon was this:

"God has ways of making the impossible possible."

And then after the service things went . . . poorly.

I've been planning a youth and adult work trip to a close-by camp and retreat center. We had a small but ready group -- adults and youth-- ready to head out Tuesday morning.

I learned after the service that two adults (necessary chaperones) and two youth weren't going to be able to make it to all of the trip -- and likely not at all.

After a few conversations yesterday afternoon and this morning, I realized that the trip wasn't going to be able to happen. I contacted the retreat facility and told them the news. I couldn't secure chaperones for the trip -- it was impossible. We had to cancel the trip.

20 minutes later, we had a solution that includes proper chaperones, work opportunities for everyone involved and a work trip that is going to be wonderful.

I'm really grateful to Reynoldswood Christian Camp in Dixon, IL, for their assistance in turning things from 'unraveled' to 'ready to go!' We leave tomorrow afternoon.

And I'm amazed and thrilled at how God has ways of making the impossible possible.

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