They were still afraid

Here's this week's Bible study blog entry for i.ucc:

Last week’s Bible reading from Mark 16:1-8 left things hanging. In this week’s reading from John 20:19-31 . . . things are still unresolved.

Before we jump to the “Mark and John are written at different times and from different traditions” discussion, let’s ask some questions about the fearful disciples and their experience in this week’s reading.
  • Why were the disciples hiding? Was someone searching for them? What kind of trouble were they in?
  • How did Jesus get into a locked room? Did he ‘appear?’ Did the disciples open the door after hearing a ‘secret word?’
  • What did Jesus’ breath smell like when he breathed on the disciples?
  • What’s with the forgiving sins and retaining sins stuff here?
  • Jesus said “Peace be with you” twice in this week’s reading. That’s got to be important, right?
  • Why does Thomas get singled out for not believing? Didn’t the other disciples see first?
  • Did Thomas reach and touch Jesus hands and side? Was it ‘gooey?’
  • Why weren’t the other signs verse 31 talks about written in this book? Are they written somewhere else?
What else is unresolved? What other questions do you have this week?

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