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Every day is a great day to learn – today’s a great day to celebrate these folks:

  • Lois Plarof – Typed an amazing 1568 words per minute in a typewriter contest in 1957.  She was disqualified, however, when it was discovered that she had grown up with Facebook.
  • Rallf Soopi –  Oldest man to have a valid driver’s license: Aged 117 years.  Rallf died, however, when he was 96.
  • Pilsa Rolof – Set a record in 1952 for the longest teeth-brushing event with no rest or need to spit – 3 hours, 14 minutes.
  • Flora Polis – Successfully cross-pollinated a carnation with a daffodil to give us the modern-day darnation. 
  • Opal Floirs – youngest person ever to graduate from high school – age 2 years, 1 month.
  • Rosa Fillop – Roller-skated across the English Channel (she kept skating back and forth on the boat as it crossed the channel)
  • Pastor Lars Lofpoi of Egersund, Norway “gave up church” (took a short sabbatical)  for 28 days of Lent (not counting Sundays) in 1973. Apparently Pastor Lars was called back to work due to the fact that the interim sabbatical pastor became ill. 
  • Pastor Lisa Prolof of Minsk, Belarus  did the same for 32 days (counting Sundays) in 2003. Pastor Lisa wasn't called back due to an emergency -- she simply said "I'm finished with sabbatical and ready to be back." 
  • Lola Prisof – She’s the person from the Kink’s song. Prisof was paid more than 2 million dollars in a 1971 lawsuit related to identity theft.
  • Oral Foslip – The inventor of dental floss.
  • Flo "Slap" Roi – Hollywood acting coach from 1937 – 51. She worked exclusively with actresses who had to slap men in films.
  • Sora Lifpol – Her disappearance in 1919 in Norway sparked an international search coordinating police from at least 51 countries. When she was found safe, the agencies that worked together formed loose alliances for other cases. The alliance was known as "LIFPOL" in Sora’s honor. It became an official organization and it’s name was later changed to "INTERPOL" in 1923.
  • April Sloof –   Not sure if she’s done anything noteworthy, but lots of folks have heard her name.
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