On tour

Here's this week's Bible study blog entry for i.ucc:

Every so often I play a concert for a group of children or a group of youth. It’s wonderful fun for me, and, I hope, the audience. And whenever I have a “gig” booked, I update my Facebook music calendar and the ‘iLike’ application that lists me as an ‘artist.” When I list an upcoming concert, the iLike calendar shows that I am “on tour.” Though I perform very few times in a year, it’s fun to see that I’m ‘on tour’ every so often.

But me being “on tour” isn’t anything, I don’t believe, like it is for ‘real’ recording artists on tour. I think I’d be pretty out of sorts if I had to take off each night and be in a new place most every morning.

I wonder if the first disciples were out of sorts as they were called, immediately followed, and then were out ‘on tour’ with Jesus. In this week's Bible reading from Mark 1:21-28, they saw him teaching with authority, astounding those listening. They saw him rebuking unclean spirits and casting them out. And more and more they saw that this rabbi they were following was gaining fame every moment.

I think that any measure of fame goes to our heads. I imagine that following Jesus and his growing ‘rock star’ status in the region went, at least a little bit, to the disciples’ heads.
  • How do you think the disciples felt about this new fame?
  • How do you think Jesus felt about it?
  • What else does Jesus’ fame make you think about?

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