New Year's Resolutions 2009

Here we go!  This list looks pretty similar to last year's -- today I'm feeling persistent and determined.  

I’m going lose weight – and keep it off.  25 pounds to start
Better eating habits, more exercise and a pledge to fit into my 36 inch waist jeans!

I’m going to finish the editing and artwork to have “Gross Theology” ready for publication
I’ll start right after getting home from vacation.

I’m going finish recording the song, “No More Trying” with members of my family and some of their friends.
Never got finished with this one last year – so I’ll do it this year

I’m going to record and release “The Man with the Guitar” Christmas songs record.  
This one never got rolling last year, so now I’m planning a November 1, 2009 release

I'll report on these at the end of the year!

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