The world needs more lerts

Here's this week's Bible blog entry for i.ucc:

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen one of those “punny” buttons or t-shirts

“Be Alert!”
(The world needs more lerts.)

This week’s Bible reading form Matthew 25:1-13 is about being alert . . . being prepared . . . keeping awake.

For what?
  • For a celebration?
  • For Jesus’ second coming?
  • For an opportunity to spend time with Jesus?
  • For something else?
  • Does it teach that folks who haven’t been prudent are going to be locked out of God’s eternal banquet?
  • Does it teach that those who have been prudent should not share with those who have been?
  • Does it teach about wearing “punny” t-shirts or buttons to warn everyone to be prudent?
  • Does it teach about keeping our eyes open - expecting God to 'show up' -- whenever and wherever that may be?
What do you think?

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