Teen Sexuality: By the Numbers

Tyra Banks revealed the results of her survey of over 10,000 girls about sex, drugs and violence.  The study may not have been a random-sample scientific one, but it did get some conversations going!  A few months earlier, folks were putting together articles for Interlinc's latest edition of Youth Leaders Only Magazine (YLO 74: The Naked Truth) This edition takes on the hot topic of sex -- I wrote a couple of articles for it.  Here's the second (The first one, "An Article about That Subject," is in another post.)

UPDATE:  This article is also available now as a pdf download from the "Try our magazine and then maybe you'll subscribe to the service" area.  

Teen Sexuality:  By the Numbers
By Kirk Moore

“It’s not that way in our youth group!”
“We’ve taught our students differently than that!”
“Christian kids don’t do the same things as non-Christian kids.”

We can guess all we want and we can base our assumptions of teen culture on what we hear from students who want to give the right answers about sex to the questions we ask in our youth groups. Perhaps we should pay more attention to the data. Here’s what the students in our communities and in our youth groups are up to . . . sexually:

What do you think your students’ reaction to these statistics will be? What do you think the parents’ reaction will be? How will it affect the way you do ministry?

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