Quantum of Solace

I just saw the first direct Bond sequel.  I know -- it came out a few weeks ago, but I've had other things to do.  Here's my short review:

A total 'guy' movie - lots of chases, shooting and explosions.

Here's a little more:
  • Daniel Craig gets really ugly in this film.  It's an out of control Bond who still has 007's charm.
  • Bond villains and scenarios seem to change with the times pretty well.  Sometimes they mix like oil and water.
  • Slight spoiler: After you breathe out - right after the film's opening sequence  - don't relax.
  • This film was a little difficult to follow, but it was still entirely satisfying to watch
I think we're going to have a threequel!

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Peter said...

That's more encouraging than some other reviews I've read. We may have to go catch this one in the theater!