Shameless promotion of Kirk music

In 2006, while I was on sabbatical (I "gave up church for lent" and blogged about it! look for the "sabblogical" entries on this blog.) I recorded a CD of children's music. It's called "The Man with the Guitar." I also released a few other songs that weren't on the CD in a digital only collection called "Some other Songs."

For the last couple of years, you've also been able to buy the songs on iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Amazonmp3 and a few others. This week I added AmieStreet.com as one of the digital music stores that stocks my songs.

Since Amie Street is brand new, they are giving music fans $5.00 to download my music as well as all music in the entire AmieStreet.com store. All you have to do is click this link to get $5.00 to download my music or songs from tens of thousands of other independent artists.

(Amie Street has an interesting music sales model, too. Most songs begin selling for 15 cents a piece. As more folks buy them, the price goes up too! So if you spend all of the $5.00 on my songs, the price of them will start going up, too! Be one of the first and get the best possible price!)

End of Shameless promotion of Kirk music.

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