American Teen

This afternoon I saw the highly praised and much anticipated Teen Documentary that's been compared to a real-life Breakfast Club. It finally opened in a wide enough release that it arrived at my local theatre. Here's my short review.

I felt real anger, sadness, joy and hope as I experienced a glimpse of the senior year at Warsaw Community High School.

Here's a little more:

  • Some have accused director Nanette Burnstein of scripting this documentary. Whether she did or not, I found the subjects of the documentary believable and authentic.
  • The film focused on the stereotypical students, and we got to see what felt like real flaws and unrehearsed joy.
  • A favorite member of the cast? Hannah -- absolutely.
  • Stay during the credits to find out what's going on now -- it really makes for a satisfying end to the film
I have a feeling this film will be shown in high schools for ages to come.

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