Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D

Two movies in one day -- what am I thinking?

I saw the newest film retelling of the Jules Verne classic today. Here's my short review:

The most entertaining kids movie I've seen in several years.

Here's a little more:

  • I fully expect this movie to be on every kid's "must see" list for several years to come
  • So it's not academy award material -- this movie kept me interested from start to finish
  • Josh Hutcherson is officially "that kid who is in all the movies."
  • I didn't see the 2D version -- but I highly recommend the 3D version if you have the opportunity.
  • Next time I'm at a Disney park I want to ride the (not yet created, but sure to be) roller coaster that's will be based on one of the scenes in this film.
20,000 Leagues next?

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